Tiszaújváros is a small town about a 2 hour drive from Budapest airport. The city is well known for its sport complex and thermal baths. The pool complex's amusement pools, slides, and wellness facilities offer plenty of opportunities to unwind between training sessions, while the sport center's facilities offer many other sporting activities.

Recommended for swimming training camps, triathlon camps, diving, monofin, and football training camps.


8 x 50 m outdoor pool, heated to a minimum of 24 °C

6 x 25 m indoor pool

Fitness room, an athletic and football stadium, 3 football fields, indoor hand-, and basketball fields and tennis courts are available.


Guest houses – Hotel** – Hotel*** around a 10 – 15 minute walk from the pool


Excursions to Eger, Debrecen, a visit to the unique Cave Baths in Miskolctapolca, or a 1 day tour to Budapest. We are also happy to accommodate any other requests you may have.

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