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Our basic training camp agenda includes the organization of accommodation, full board with customizable menus, two training sessions per day, a 24/7 tour guide, and inland transfer when requested (see below for the specifics concerning the different sports). Returning guests, or those wishing for a bit more freedom in their training camp can choose only half board, or have the option to travel without our guides, in which case we will provide around the clock phone assistance instead.


We only consider arrival and departure days as half a day if you arrive in the middle of the day. As such, we invoice only the services you require and don't charge you for a full day: e.g. If you have only two meals and one training session on arrival day, and one meal and one training session on departure day, we will count it as one day, and not two days.
Payment by bank transfer upon our invoice: Reservation fee upon ordering, remaining sum 30 days prior to the beginning of the training camp at the latest. In case of illness or any other problem occurring after payment, please see our procedures put down on our Refund Guarantee page.


For swimming, diving clubs:

Accommodation, full board, daily 2 x 2 h swimming training, calculated with 8 swimmers/lane, and 24/7 tour guide.

Water polo teams:

Accommodation, full board, daily 2 x 1,5 – 2 h training (swimming or technical training on some lanes in the a.m., then on whole water polo surface in the afternoon, or two trainings per day on whole water polo surface), and 24/7 tour guide. Upon request, we can also arrange training partners, or organize friendly matches with local teams.

Synchronized swimming teams:

Accommodation, full board, daily 2 x 2 h training on requested water surface, with required water depths and connection to electricity, 24/7 guide.

Although our main profile is in water sports, we are happy to organize training camps for any other team sports as well.

Individual requests for each group are fully accepted in our calculations:

Guests with special dietary requirements are also welcome, our partners will be more than happy to accommodate such needs. The length of the training sessions and the number of lanes can be varied per your request, and access to gym and fitness rooms can also be arranged. We can also organize your group's inland transfer, sightseeing tours in Budapest, or any other city you are interested in. Other possible leisure activities include visits to adventure or aqua parks, other sport activities, or visits to museums and historical sites. We are also open to any other special requests not enumerated above.

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