Refund guarantee

If 1 or 2 guests cannot participate in the training camp due to illness or any other unforeseen event, their whole payment will be refunded to the group leader during their stay.

If the number of absent guests exceeds 2, and the group still wishes to fully take advantage of the offered facilities, then our fix expenses calculated for the missing people will be deducted from the refund (cost of lanes, fee of guide, possible changes in rooming etc.). It will be settled with the group leader on the spot.

The refund guarantee does not apply to the reservation fee you paid upon ordering. If you cancel your trip less than 30 days before the agreed upon arrival date, then the refund guarantee will exclusively apply to the amount remaining after settling the costs of the ordered services (swimming pool, accommodation, etc.), and deducting the expenses incurred by Junior Club Ltd.

Should a meal or a training be omitted on arrival or departure day, its price is also refunded.

Refund guarantee

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