In memoriam Maria Litttomeritzky 1927 - 2017

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We regret to inform you, that Junior Club Ltd's founder, Mária Littomeritzky passed away on December 24th 2017. Although her illness took the better of her, she fought to her last breath with the dedication and perseverance that made her such a successful swimmer.

She was a member of the Olympic champion female freestyle relay team in 1952, won the European championship in Torino in 1954 in freestyle relay, and also won 2nd place in butterfly stroke there. She was a four time college swimming world champion, and held two world records in freestyle relay, and medley relay.

After retiring from active swimming in 1959 she became a coach in the BVSC, even moving her family to the dorm next to the swimming pools to be closer to her students. She spent her happiest years there, taking care of the next generation of top Hungarian swimmers, eventually becoming a master coach, the highest distinction a Hungarian trainer can achieve.

After retiring from coaching, she decided to pour her many years of experience in training swimmers into her own company, and founded Junior Club Ltd. In 1990. Her friendly demeanor, dedication and attention to detail were her most memorable traits and what  made her so wonderful to work with. Her memory lives on in everyone that knew her, while we will carry on her legacy, and continue provide the best possible service available. We hope to make her proud with our efforts.

Goodbye Mom!

Györgyi Bognár
Junior Club Ltd.

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