Get ready for your next competition with our concentrated training camps in Hungary

Get ready for your next competition with our concentrated training camps in Hungary

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It's no coincidence you are looking for the best training camp. So which one should you choose?

„We didn't get the accommodation and the food we agreed on. We had to fight with other teams to get our booked lanes, and the organizers were slow and inflexible to fix our problems”

Sounds familiar? Did you run into similar problems on your swimming, water polo, or synchronized swimming training camps? You have to be careful when choosing your location.


The challenge of a training camp is for your athletes not to simply spend the time, but to use it to maximum effect. Professional organizers can take care of the details and provide you with the assistance and support needed for a truly successful camp.

You can choose an average training camp that won't deliver results, and just throw your money away. But with an informed decision, you can maximize the results of your training camp!

You're looking for the perfect training camp to lay the groundwork for victory on your next competition?

Your athletes are at the turning point of their careers. A training camp will give them the opportunity to shut out everything else and focus solely on their goals.
A place and a time, where they can ready themselves for the challenges ahead without any distractions. This peace of mind and dedication can only be achieved far from home.
Eating, training, sleeping – the strict, uncomplicated schedule of a training camp. This is why many think organizing one would be easy.
They are wrong.

A training camp can be the catalyst for victory, but can also be a hindrance if not done right. It has the most important goal of all: to get your team ready for the competition, both physically and mentally.

You need the most modern and most popular locations, with exceptional training conditions, and unique recreational opportunities. What better destination, than one of the most successful water sporting nations of all?


Why choose a Hungarian training camp?

Home of Egerszegi Krisztina, Cseh László, Gyurta Dániel, Hosszú Katinka and the world's most successful national water polo team: Hungary.
10 gold medals in the same European swimming championship, 50 m pools, and the location for the next European swimming championship: Hungary.
Get ready for success in the same facilities as the Hungarian swimming champions, and bring out the best in your team!
But who should organize your camp?


7+1 facts why you should trust us to organize your next training camp

The burdens of organization off your shoulder

There is nothing worse during a training camp, than having to split your attention. As a trainer, you shouldn't concern yourself with the details of organization.
We provide the very best training conditions, with food and board tailored to your specific needs, exactly as agreed to before your arrival!

Concentrate on the training, we'll take care of the rest – constant assistance

Our 24/7 tour guides make sure you receive the services we agreed on, organize leisure activities, and deal with any problems or unexpected tasks swiftly and on-site. This way, you only need to concentrate on your team and the training.

Exceptional training conditions

You can train in 50 m in-, and outdoor pools. At locations where international champions like Hosszú Katinka, Cseh László, Gyurta Dániel and our multiple Olympic medalist national water polo team trained.

Run into any problems? We'll take care of it!

What happens, if for unforeseen reasons you arrive late to the destination? Will the transportation and the accommodation be ready?
If we're the ones organizing your camp, then we can assure you: They will be.

After some trouble at their airport, one of our Belgian groups arrived one and a half days late. While the airline and the airport failed to keep the group up to date, we provided them with constant information and advice.
When they finally arrived, our bus was waiting for them at the airport, without any demurrage charges. We canceled all the group's meals and training sessions during their delay, and refunded their price when they arrived.

Due to our flexibility, even unexpected events such as this can't hinder our training camps, and that's why this group has been coming back to us for 10 years.

Hungary's Olympic sized pools, and vast water sport experience are here for you

Hungarian swimming and water polo training is up to the highest standards. But how high exactly?
We love water sports. The Hungarian Swimming Federation was established in 1893, and our first Olympic swimming champion won in 1896. The Hungarian Swimming Federation has more than 120 member organizations in a land of less than 10 million people, and 93.030 square kilometers.
The Hungarian national water polo team won the Olympics 9 times, the World Championship three times, and the European Championship 12 times. They are the world's most successful national water polo team.
We are constantly building world class facilities for our world class athletes. 14 billion Forints will pour into the development of swimming facilities until 2020, and in 2017 Hungary will organize the World Aquatics Championships.
We are ready for the requirements of any sport team.

We provide Hungary's best training camp locations

We know a lot depends on a training camp, and that is why we provide the most popular and best training facilities. You can train in locations that were the home of international events like the European Aquatics Championship.

You can trust our experience

We've been organizing water sport training camps for more than 20 years, since 1991. With our ample experience, we will remove the burden of organization from your shoulders, and provide you with personalized services and carefree weeks of training. Take a look at our references!

We provide guarantees, because we know every little bit counts for your team

In case of unforeseen illnesses we provide a refund guarantee. One or two teammates might not make it to the camp, but the cost of their stay will be refunded to the team leader on-site. Interested? See our Refund guarantee page!

Get ready for success in Hungary! Send us your enquiry today!

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